Operation Breakthrough

Hewlett Packard

Kansas City Chiefs

Sporting Kansas City

Rude Revue & Burly Q

Kansas City Renaissance Festival

San Antonio Renaissance Festival

Renaissance Festival of the Midlands

Oklahoma Renaissance Festival

Orlando Fringe Festival

Bonner Springs Arts Alliance

Kansas City, MO School District

Bering Strait School District, Alaska

Rythm & Ribs: Jazz and Blues Festival

F.O.E. Aerie 385

Westport Development Commission

Pirate's Cove Entertainment Center

The Barstow School

Volusia County Libraries

Argosy Casino

Missouri Sheriffs' Convention

North Kansas City Snake Parade

Legacy Park 4th of July Celebration

Joyland Amusement

V Productions Fashion Show

The Crawfish Festival

Apple Valley Farm

Face painting, party entertainment
Clown, Juggling, Rude Revue, Balancing

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