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The Story of Drops Unlimited

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, three high school seniors did what all high school seniors do to attract girls.... They joined a juggling club. Being theatrically minded, our misguided trio decided to start doing juggling shows and thus DROPS UNLIMITED was born. After performing very mediocrely at the local Junior High, a classic car show, and various other prestigious venues, the trio was separated by graduation.


Eventually, Jeff and Sean got real jobs, becoming productive members of society. Fighting this urge, Erik dropped out of engineering school and moved back to Kansas City to pursue theater. Some 20+ years later, Erik is still doing DROPS UNLIMITED shows wherever they'll have him.


Erik has written and performed shows for schools, libraries, and festivals across North America. Believing that participation is the key to memorable live entertainment, he is constantly putting the spotlight on his audiences--allowing them to act, juggle, and laugh with him on stage. His shows challenge audiences to confront their insecurities--big and small. By offering a fun and relaxed atmosphere to shine in, Erik is able to let audiences do things they never thought they could.


It's not just juggling shows, though! Erik works with other artists and actors as often as he can, always learning something new he can bring to his DROPS UNLIMITED audiences. He's performed and toured with many theater companies over the years, including: Kansas City Repertory Theater, The Mystery Train, Poetry Alive!, and The Rude Revue & Burly Q. He has also produced plays and circus shows that highlight physical theater and non-verbal communication.


Thousands of people, young and old, have taken classes from Erik over the years. He spent 3 years teaching acting and stage combat to teenagers at Theater of the Imagination in Kansas City. He has also taught juggling and circus arts classes to students of all ages across North America. He'll teach you to juggle in 45 minutes. Yes, even you!


With DROPS UNLIMITED entering its 3rd decade, Erik would like to thank Jeff and Sean for turning him into a clown and as always,


May gravity be kind...

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